CIC Teacher Workshops

These are some ideas we have for 30-minute and 1-hour teacher workshops at CIC. We know there won't be time for all of them, and that you may have preferences for certain ones, but just want to share the possibilities. We hope to teach these together, so that we can assist the teachers who attend, as all of them will be hands-on. We can also work one-on-one with teachers to implement any of these tools or to help them get started using a blog, wiki or RSS reader. All tools are free and suitable for use in all grades. Quick reference guides will be provided for all of the tools.

Create your first Podcast using Audacity and Gcast (1 hour)
Record, upload and share a basic audio podcast using Audacity, a free audio recording and editing software, and Gcast, a free audio podcast hosting service. Hear some examples of educational podcasts.

Getting started with social bookmarking (1 hour)
Delicious is a web-based social bookmarking service that allows users to store, organize and share bookmarks (favorite websites) online. Add tags (keywords), descriptions and bundles (categories). Share bookmarks and subscribe to others' bookmarks or to specific tags to create a personal online resource network.

Create Digital Stories with Photostory (1 hour)
Photostory enables students and teachers to tell their multimedia stories effectively and easily using digital photos, scanned work, Powerpoint slides, computer-generated artwork or other digital images. Easily add text captions, audio narration, photo-effects, timings, transitions and motion-effects, as well as a musical score in a few easy steps. eacher will create their own sample phorostory.

Getting Started with Google Docs (1 hour)
Use these browser-based applications to create, store, share and collaborate on text documents and spreadsheets. Import and edit existing Word, Excel and Powerpoint files, or export to a variety of formats. Participants will create their own Google Docs accounts and explore basic features.

Getting Started with Google Notebook (30 minutes)
With Google Notebook, you can browse, type, copy and paste, and organize information from across the web in a single, searchable online location that's accessible from any computer. Add notes or paste content from any website while using your web browser. Share and collaborate on notebook resources with students and/or colleagues.

Getting Started with TeacherTube (30 minutes)
TeacherTube is an education-oriented video-sharing site where you can upload your own videos and student projects, and access thousands of uploaded clips suitable for use in the classroom. Learn how to create an account, search for videos, upload a video and embed a video clip into your blog, wiki or website.

Skype Internet Phone Service (30 minutes)
Skype is an Internet phone service that allows users to make free computer-to-computer phone calls to anyone in the world via the Internet! With this tool, you can collaborate and make global connections with family, classes and professional peers.

Bubbleshare (1 hour)
Bubbleshare allows you to upload, create, customize and share slideshows containing digital photos, scanned artwork and computer drawings. Add text and audio captions. Look at several curricular examples and create your own sample album.