Elementary Projects

Digital Storytelling with Photostory and TeacherTube

Grades K-12 / 2-5 Class Periods
PhotoStory is a free program that enables students and teachers to tell their multimedia stories effectively and easily using digital photos, scanned work, Powerpoint slides, computer-generated artwork or other digital images. Easily add text captions, audio narration, photo-effects, timings, transitions and motion-effects, as well as a musical score in a few easy steps. Completed projects will be uploaded and shared via TeacherTube, the video sharing site for K-12 education. (NOTE: K-2 students will contribute a single image/slide to a class story with teacher assistance; older students may work as a class, in small groups or individually to create their stories, depending on the scope of the project and available time).

(NOTE: Windows Media Player required to view these projects)

PhotoStory Ideas:
  • How-to/Sequencing - students take digital photos and/or illustrate the steps for completing any activity, from a recipe to completing a math problem, to building a block tower, to folding an origami swan, to showing a scientific process.
  • 'Talking' Book - Letter, Number or Shape Book; Book illustrated with Digital Photos
  • Timeline - students take digital photos or illustrate important dates/events for selected topic.
  • Digital Tour - images and narration for a field trip, landmark, country, neighborhood, or the school.
  • Biography - family member, classmate, or famous artist, writer, or historical figure; (or autobiography)
  • Poetic Interpretation - Use digital images to 'illustrate' a poem.
  • Other - (Will work with classroom teacher to create a lesson using any brief writing activity)

PowerPoint/Bubbleshare Multimedia Writing Project

Grades 2-5 / 2-3 class periods
Use Powerpoint and Bubbleshare to publish a multimedia story or learning project! After completing any brief writing assignment (creative or fact-based), students publish their writing to a pre-defined PowerPoint template, adding formatting and appropriate graphics (but no animation). The slides are then exported and uploaded to Bubbleshare, where students will record audio captions. The completed project will be published to the web as a Bubbleshare album.

Suggested Project:
Thankful Couplets - After writing Thankful couplets as a whole group, students write their own and publish using a powerpoint template. Students underline the sentence subjects and color the rhyming words on each couplet.

SAMPLE THANKFUL COUPLET PROJECT: http://trey.woodward.edu/alia/thankful

Powerpoint/Bubbleshare samples (these do not currently have audio but it can be easily added):

Powerpoint/Bubbleshare ideas:
  • Figurative language (students write their own examples of metaphors, similes and personification)
  • Vocabulary words (definitions and sentences) or spelling words.
  • Facts about any research topic.
  • Short-short stories, poems or descriptive paragraphs (up to 30-seconds of audio)
  • Other - (Will work with classroom teacher to create a lesson using any brief writing activity)

Projects Using Pixie

Pixie is a paint, drawing, image editing and multi-media presentation program for ages 5-10. We use pixie for many projects in grades K-4 at Woodward. In addition to the suggestions here, we can work with teachers to develop a custom Pixie activity to reinforce a wide range of K-4 content in Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science and Art.

Pixie Multimedia Pattern Book

Grades K-4 / 3-4 class periods
After sharing a patterned picture book in class, students will brainstorm a new version, each creating their own page on a paper storyboard. Students will then create a digital book page using Pixie to illustrate and type text. Students will be recorded reading the stories aloud.The completed book will be saved as a slideshow with student voices added as audio recordings and published to the web.

Things that are Most in the World
Sometimes it Looked Like Spilt Milk

Pattern Book Ideas
  • Mary Wore her Red Dress by Merle Peek (grades pk-1)
  • Things that are Most in the World by Judi Barrett (grades 1-4)
  • Sometimes it Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles Shaw (grades pk-1)
  • Fortunately by Remy Charlip (grades 3-5)
  • The Important Book (grades K-5 - pattern can be adapted for many types of subject content)
  • Other - (Will work with classroom teacher to create a lesson using any patterned picture book)

Pixie Glyphs

Grades 1-5 / 2 class periods
After answering a series of questions on a glyph worksheet, students complete a Pixie drawing that represents their answers in symbol form. After completing their Pixie glyphs, students use the glyph legend to analyze each others' pictures.

Pumpkin Glyph - Student Worksheet (PDF) Completed Glyph
All About Me Glyph - Student Worksheet (PDF) Completed Glyph
Tooth Glyph - Student Worksheet (PDF) Completed Glyph

Glyph Ideas:
  • All About Me (may also be conducted as classmate or teacher interview - grades 2-5)
  • Lost Teeth (Grades k-2)
  • Other - (Will work with teacher to design glyph activity that corresponds with classroom learning)