About Shelley
This is my 10th year at Woodward Academy. I hold two education degrees: MEd in English Education and MLM in Library Media Technology. I began my tenure as the Primary School Media & Technology Specialist. That means my "babies" who started school with me (my first kindergartners) just started high school this year! Yikes! After four years at the Primary School, I became a full-time technology trainer for K-12 faculty members, developing and implementing a campus-wide course to meet the State of Georgia Technology Requirement for Certified Teachers. For the past two years, I have been leading instructional technology efforts school-wide.

About Nneka
This is my 3rd year at Woodward Academy. I hold a BA in Sociology and an MS in Instructional Technology. I work with grades K-12 on various technology integration projects. In addition to that I train teachers and staff members on various software applications and tools.