Digital Storytelling with Photostory

PhotoStory is a free program that enables students and teachers to tell their multimedia stories effectively and easily using digital photos, scanned work, Powerpoint slides, computer-generated artwork or other digital images. Easily add text captions, audio narration, photo-effects, timings, transitions and motion-effects, as well as a musical score in a few easy steps. Completed projects can be uploaded and shared via TeacherTube, or other video sharing sites for K-12 education.

(NOTE: Windows Media Player required to view these projects)

PhotoStory Ideas:
  • How-to/Sequencing - students take digital photos and/or illustrate the steps for completing any activity, from a recipe to completing a math problem, to building a block tower, to folding an origami swan, to showing a scientific process.
  • 'Talking' Book - Letter, Number or Shape Book; Book illustrated with Digital Photos
  • Timeline - students take digital photos or illustrate important dates/events for selected topic.
  • Digital Tour - images and narration for a field trip, landmark, country, neighborhood, or the school.
  • Biography - family member, classmate, or famous artist, writer, or historical figure; (or autobiography)
  • Poetic Interpretation - Use digital images to 'illustrate' a poem.
  • Other - (Will work with classroom teacher to create a lesson using any brief writing activity)